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Did You Know Lifestyle Changes Affect Your Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery?

Opting for automatic oil delivery brings peace of mind year-round. It also offers customers the benefit of building a relationship with your fuel oil company. When you need service and annual maintenance you will have priority over those not on automatic delivery. If you take advantage of automatic fuel oil delivery, your oil company is monitoring your usage throughout the year so they can refill your tank on time. But lifestyle changes can affect how often you need a refill.

How Can I Prepare for the Winter Storm Season?

Preparing for storm season in advance can help you to minimize or avoid uncomfortable situations such as being out of power for a few hours to several days, depending on the severity of the storm.

Home Heating Oil Additives and Grades: What’s the Difference?

Just as with the different octane ratings of the gas you put in your car, the different grades of heating oil come down to a standard of measurement of performance. Premium gas, having higher octane, provides more efficiency during combustion and better fuel economy, and is better for your car’s engine since it keeps it cleaner. The same is true for the fuel oil you buy for your home.

Why Should I Have a Home Energy Audit?

Do you want to save money and make your home more healthy, safe, and comfortable? A home energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and then provides ways to make your home more energy efficient- resulting in lower energy bills.