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Do I Need a Home Water Filtration System to Remove Bacteria?

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The U.S. aging water utility infrastructure may be leaving some towns and cities open to water contamination and the danger of water-borne bacteria.  Though city and municipal suppliers treat your water at a local treatment plant, contaminants can infiltrate aquifers and springs. Water main breaks and broken pipes, for example, are the major cause of Boil Water Advisories (BWA). A BWA can cause businesses and households to lose access to clean, safe water. In addition, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals may not necessarily be monitored by city water suppliers. One way to combat water-borne bacteria is to have a whole-house ultraviolet (UV) water filtration system installed. Here is more about them, and what to do during a BWA.

UV water treatment systems are installed on the water supply line after other water treatment equipment and water softeners. The system works by exposing water that enters the home to ultraviolet light. This kills harmful microorganisms in the water.

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Things to do during a BWA if you don’t have a UV Water Filtration System:

  • Bring water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute.
  • Turn off your refrigerators automatic ice maker and discard any ice remaining in the freezer
  • Wash all food preparation surfaces with boiled water
  • Wash all fruits and vegetable with bottled water or boiled water that has been cooled
  • Use boiled water for prepared drinks such as coffee, tea, or lemonade
  • Boil water for a minimum of 1 minute before adding food to be cooked
  • Brush teeth with boiled or bottled water
  • Pets are also susceptible to contaminants and should only be supplied with boiled drinking water.
  • Household dishwashers are generally safe to use if the final rinse temperature reaches at least 150o and has a sanitizing cycle.
  • Be careful not to swallow water when bathing or showering

Finally have your water tested by a certified lab. Instant tests are okay, but not as comprehensive as the table below shows:

Instant Water Test; Basic Certified Lab Water Test; Enhanced Certified Water Test

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