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Did You Know Lifestyle Changes Affect Your Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery?

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Opting for automatic oil delivery brings peace of mind year-round. It also offers customers the benefit of building a relationship with your fuel oil company. When you need service and annual maintenance you will have priority over those not on automatic delivery. If you take advantage of automatic fuel oil delivery, your oil company is monitoring your usage throughout the year so they can refill your tank on time. But lifestyle changes can affect how often you need a refill.

Those who work full-time typically turn the thermostat down while away to conserve energy and reduce costs. But keep in mind any changes that may occur. Children returning home from college, for example, can increase fuel oil, electricity, and hot water usage. If an elderly parent has moved in, or a new baby has arrived, this will affect your monthly usage. If any lifestyle changes have occurred, consider informing your oil company, allowing them to adjust your oil delivery schedule.

Here are some additional factors that may affect the amount of oil usage:

  • An unusually cold winter season
  • A home addition
  • The number of people in the home has changed
  • Other sources of heating (i.e. wood or pellet stove)
  • Level of insulation
  • Age of your HVAC system

Here is how to check the level of oil in your tank:

This is fairly straightforward even for new homeowners. First locate your oil tank. It will generally be in a basement or outside. Then look for the clear plastic tube attached to the top of the tank containing a float inside. The float will line up with lines on the tube indicating the amount of fuel oil remaining in the tank.

If Homestead is your fuel oil company, contact us before the tank gets below ¼ full (in other words you’ve used ¾ of a tank). This will provide the necessary time to schedule a delivery and avoid emergency oil delivery, or out of fuel charges. Don't worry, though; if you run out of oil, and it’s our fault, you will receive a $50 credit on your account, and will not be charged for a prime-and-start visit.