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Your HVAC System’s New Year Resolutions

Commit To Caring for Your Heating & Cooling Equipment This Year.

hvac maintenanceThe beginning of a new year is full of good intentions. We vow to lose weight, read more, and finally unpack those moving boxes collecting dust in the corner.

If you’re like many Connecticut homeowners, you’ve probably been putting off some critical maintenance and improvements to your heating and cooling systems. These unattended fixes could be reducing your system’s efficiency, increasing your energy bills, and even making your home less safe.

Luckily, now is an excellent time to make these fixes and boost your HVAC system to the next level! Here are six home heating and cooling resolutions for the new year.

Invest in Carbon Monoxide Safety

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to make sure that each floor in your house has working carbon monoxide detectors. They are available at most home improvement stores, simple to set up and quite affordable. But the peace of mind they provide you and your family is immeasurable.

Give Your HVAC System a Tune-Up

Maintenance for your heating oil-powered system is essential to ensure its peak performance. Homestead Comfort technicians can perform routine service on your equipment to improve its efficiency and lifespan. Also, remember: an annual tune-up is usually required to stay in compliance with equipment warranties.

Perform a Home Energy Assessment

Did you know that you can save as much as 20% on your home heating and cooling costs with proper insulation? Even newer homes can benefit from additional heat containment material. Homestead Comfort can perform a full home energy assessment where we test the efficiency of your insulation, weather stripping, HVAC system, lighting and appliances. You will be amazed at the effect this can have on your monthly bills!

Take Full Advantage of your Thermostat

Looking for even more HVAC savings? You can reduce your energy costs by ten percent by lowering the temperature in your home by just 7°-10°F for 8 hours each day. With a programmable thermostat, you can do this automatically. You may even conveniently set your lower temperatures for when you are out of the house.

Start Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

We all know how busy life gets, and it can be easy to forget to check your heating oil tank levels. However, no homeowner wants to run low on fuel when temperatures drop. Happily, there’s a way to guarantee that you always have ample heating oil: automatic delivery. Using your past energy usage and current weather conditions, we estimate when you are ready for a refill and schedule a convenient, preemptive delivery.

Treat Yourself to New Appliances!

Is it time to upgrade your home heating and cooling equipment? Are you ready to ditch the window air conditioners and get a ductless mini-split system before the summer? Would a new standby generator provide additional peace of mind? This is a great time to treat yourself to a brand new appliance from Homestead Comfort. We can even help you secure rebates for your new equipment!

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