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What’s The Difference Between Heating Oil & Bioheat?

Modern versus conventional heating oil

bioheat provider connecticut Believe it or not, heating oil once held a reputation as being “dirty.” But that’s not true today. There’s no need to hold back your love of modern heating oil! You can feel confident in your fuel choice, because heating oil has only gotten better over time! The heating oil you’re using in your home’s furnace or boiler isn’t the same smelly, smoky heating oil of a few decades ago. Advances in technology have allowed heating oil to burn cleaner, be more efficient and be better for the Connecticut environment we all love. Those advances allow Homestead Comfort to exclusively deliver Bioheat ® fuel and say goodbye to old-fashioned heating oil. Read on to learn more about the benefits of modern heating oil.

Organic heating oil – is that thing? Yep!

Bioheat fuel is a major player in the heating oil revolution. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is blended with up to 20% biofuels to create the Bioheat delivered by Homestead Comfort. Unlike traditional heating oil, these biofuels are renewable resources, including:

With these natural and organic ingredients, it’s no wonder modern heating oil is so much cleaner than in the past!

Bioheat fuel compared with conventional heating oil

Bioheat fuel holds its own against traditional heating oil. You’ll see that Bioheat can offer you:

Homestead Comfort offers comfort you can count on

Compared to the conventional heating oil of the past, Bioheat fuel is better for the environment, your home and your wallet. For more than 30 years, Homestead Comfort has been providing Tolland, Hartford and Windham counties with dependable heating oil delivery, quality HVAC and comfort equipment service, plumbing service, water services, home energy services and more.

Become a Homestead Comfort customer and enjoy clean-burning, efficient Bioheat fuel in your home!