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Maintenance Agreement

Homestead’s Annual Inspection and Tune-Up can help you save up to 10% off heating maintenance costs! Add years to the life expectancy of your heating system with our professional preventive maintenance. Trained service technicians will leave your heating system running more efficiently.

Benefits Include:

Manufacturer specifications for maintenance that satisfy manufacturer warranties.

  • Clean interior of heat exchanger, flue pipe and base of stack (if accessible).
  • Replace oil filter cartridge.
  • Replace oil burner nozzle.
  • Replace air filter (if applicable, standard).
  • Check combustion chamber.
  • Clean electrodes and set proper gap.
  • Check and test operating and safety controls.
  • Check and lubricate motors.
  • Check and adjust fan belt.
  • Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency.

Plus, receive 10% off all service related calls for heating, plumbing, and air conditioning!