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Provisions & Conditions

All heating equipment is subject to our inspection and approval for a service contract.

This plan will cease to be in force if oil is purchased from anyone other than Homestead.

This plan cancels and supercedes all previous agreements.

These plans and prices do not cover repair or replacement of boilers, tankless coils, heat exchangers, indirect water heaters, hearths, retorts, heat and water piping, ductwork, humidifiers, moduflow or similar systems, zone controls, or items of a plumbing (water) nature.

Homestead shall not be responsible for the inspection or maintenance of inaccessible equipment and oil tanks, underground oil tanks, and fuel oil line leakage beyond Homestead’s control. Labor and parts required as a result of abnormal conditions, such as fire, explosions, floods, water damage, storms, hurricanes, power failures, “and/or” acts of God, are not covered by this agreement.

Service calls due to problems with, or improper installation of, secondary heating systems are not covered under this contract.

Homestead, Inc. shall have the right to CANCEL this agreement without any liability when issued in error for non-payment.

The decision of whether to repair or replace parts rests solely with Homestead.

Homestead, Inc. will not assume any responsibility, and this agreement shall CEASE, if equipment is serviced by anyone other than authorized Homestead personnel.

The services rendered are limited to the parts and services shown or described herein. Charges will be made for all parts and labor and services not covered by service agreement.

All service agreements EXPIRE on the first of the month one year from the date of renewal and are automatically renewed unless CANCELLED by either party on a THIRTY DAY notice. Company responsibility is specifically limited to the items set forth herein. Renewal notices to be mailed to customers.

Service for the following will be charged at prevailing rates with a minimum charge. Homestead reserves the right to charge in these instances: switches in the OFF position, blown fuses, main or emergency switches OFF, flooded heating systems, no water in boiler, plugged air filters, oil run outs on WILL CALL delivery. Non-emergency service calls or annual maintenance after normal working hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) or weekends.

Homestead will NOT be responsible for "oil run-outs" on an account with an outstanding balance due or under abnormal conditions.

All customer promotions are valid only on accounts that are current (30 days or less).

Homestead will give credit for only one oil delivery.

Any account referred to collection becomes responsible for collection and/or attorney fees.

Finance charges will be made on all accounts over (30) days at 18% annual percentage rate.