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What Are Galvanized Pipes?

Helping you determine if you need to replace older plumbing in your home.

plumbing Hartford County, CT Knowing the year your home was built can provide crucial information about the materials involved — and how safe they are for your family.

Most homeowners are aware of the dangers of lead paint and asbestos. But other building materials can pose a health and safety risk to your loved ones. One such material is galvanized plumbing.

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes with a zinc coating to prevent internal corrosion. This type of plumbing came into use around the end of World War II as a replacement for lead pipes. Galvanized pipes remained popular until about 1960, although you can still find galvanized plumbing in homes built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. If your home was constructed between 1940 and 1980, it could have these pipes.

What is bad about galvanized plumbing?

While galvanizing piping almost completely prevented rust and corrosion at first, its zinc coating begins to deteriorate over time and leeches into water. This can create sediment — including lead particles — in your drinking water.

Beyond the health issues, aging galvanized plumbing can present other issues:

  1. Leaking pipes and water damage
  2. Hard and discolored tap water
  3. Diminished water pressure

Simply put, if your home was built with galvanized pipes, your water quality could be significantly compromised, and you’re also risking some costly damage to your home.

How should you address old galvanized pipes?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to inspect your aging galvanized pipes and also arrange testing to see if your home’s water contains pollutants. Homestead Comfort can perform onsite water testing.

If lead or other harmful agents are in your water, we strongly recommend that you arrange a full replacement of all the galvanized pipes in your home. You don’t want to ignore a water quality issue that can impact your family’s health. Additionally, there will come a point where your galvanized plumbing begins to break down, and it’s best to get ahead of that issue before it causes water damage in your home.

If your water quality isn’t an issue, you might be able to forgo replacing your galvanized pipes in their entirety and simply replace individual pipes as they wear out.

Homestead Comfort provides plumbing and water treatment services.

Whether you’re dealing with old galvanized pipes or some other plumbing or water quality issue, we can help. Homestead Comfort has experienced licensed plumbers who handle a wide range of homecare issues in Hartford County and elsewhere in northern Connecticut.

We are always available to handle plumbing emergencies like leaking pipes, as well as renovation and plumbing replacement projects. Additionally, we partner with Shaw’s Pump Company to provide world-class water treatment services. With our 10-point water system tune-up, you’ll never need to worry about lead or other toxins in your drinking water. Your family’s well-being is our #1 priority.

Are you concerned about the safety and durability of the pipes in your Connecticut household? Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Homestead Comfort and arrange a plumbing appointment.