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Air Conditioning Installation and Service in Ellington, West Hartford and Cromwell, CT and Beyond

Keep cool with Homestead Comfort!

You can’t beat air conditioning on a hot, sticky summer day here in Connecticut.

If your home’s current central air conditioning system isn’t working as well, or if you have decided to add central A/C to your home, Homestead Comfort is here to help!

We have the knowledge that comes from more than 30 years of providing HVAC service to go over your home, and your cooling needs, so we can make sure you get the right central air conditioning system for your home and your budget. By the way, our quote is FREE!

You can be assured of proper, safe A/C installation, as all our service technicians are licensed by the State of Connecticut, certified by manufacturers, trained, experienced and insured.

Quality air conditioning repair and maintenance

Your home’s air conditioning system works hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. Make sure it doesn’t conk out in the middle of a heat wave by getting an annual maintenance tune-up by the service technicians at Homestead Comfort.

Our thorough, 13-point annual air conditioning tune-up includes:

    1. Washing condenser with detergent to remove dirt that can damage parts
    2. Checking refrigerant levels at the condenser for optimal efficiency
    3. Inspecting and testing all electrical components
    4. Waxing and wiping down the exterior of the outdoor condenser
    5. Clearing the condensate drain and checking for leaks
    6. Inspecting and cleaning the evaporation coil
    7. Inspecting, cleaning and testing the condensate drain
    8. Inspecting the blower fan
    9. Treating the blower fan with anti-mold spray
    10. Inspecting and testing all electrical components
    11. Replacing all 1” standard air filters and inspecting larger media filters
    12. Ensuring that all air filter slots have a cover to boost the system’s overall efficiency
    13. Inspecting for and removing rodents if needed

If your A/C ever does conk out, you won’t have to worry. We’re available 24/7. Call us! A service technician is on call at all times.

You can feel safe with all our air conditioning services. The Homestead Comfort service technicians are required to always wear personal protective equipment while in your home and practice safe social distancing.

Homestead Comfort gives you comfort you can count on! Get in touch with us for your home’s air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs.

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If you need emergency service or delivery, do not email us or use the form below. Call us at 860-791-3166. We provide our customers with 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year.