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Boiler and Furnace Installation and Service in Windham, Tolland and Hartford Counties

Stay warm and comfortable with Homestead Comfort

There’s nothing like coming in from the outdoors on a cold day here in Connecticut and feeling your home’s heating system warming you up. If your home’s furnace or boiler isn’t doing a great job at that, or is starting to fail, Homestead Comfort can help you with furnace and boiler installation, maintenance and repairs.

It starts with our equipment experts. They’ll go over your current heating system, the size of your home and any issues you have had over the years keeping your home warm. We take that information and give you a FREE quote on a quality, energy-efficient furnace or boiler that fits your budget. Speaking of your budget, we also help you with rebates that can help you save hundreds of dollars, and affordable financing is available.

Your new furnace or boiler will be installed by our trained, experienced service technicians, all of whom are licensed by the State of Connecticut, certified by manufacturers and insured. If you use heating oil, you can count on us for reliable, safe delivery of our Bioheat® fuel that is more environmentally efficient, more energy-efficient and better for your furnace or boiler.

Homestead Comfort takes care of your boiler or furnace

Once your new heating system is installed, we’re still here for you with outstanding maintenance service.

Our professional annual tune-up keeps your furnace or boiler running at its peak efficiency, saving you on energy costs. We service both gas- and oil-fired heating systems.

Our tune-up for gas furnaces and boilers includes:

    1. Checking voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
    2. Lubricating all moving parts
    3. Checking belt and adjusting tension
    4. Checking air filters (clean or replace) 1” standard size
    5. Checking all wiring and connections
    6. Checking and adjusting the thermostat
    7. Checking, cleaning and testing safety controls
    8. Checking operating gas pressures
    9. Checking all vent piping
    10. Checking all combustion air piping
    11. Checking for leaks
    12. Testing relays and limits
    13. Checking and cleaning gas burners
    14. Testing and checking for proper combustion
    15. Checking heat exchanger
    16. Checking condensate pump
    17. Checking condensate neutralizer

Our 11-step tune-up for oil furnaces and boilers includes:

    1. Vacuuming interior of heat exchanger, flue pipe and base of stack (if possible)
    2. Replacing oil filter cartridge
    3. Replacing oil burner nozzle
    4. Replacing air filter (if applicable and standard size)
    5. Checking the combustion chamber
    6. Checking electrodes and setting proper gap
    7. Checking and testing operating and safety controls
    8. Checking and lubricating motors
    9. Checking and adjusting fan belt
    10. Performing an efficiency test for peak performance
    11. Inspecting and testing aboveground steel oil tanks (excluding underground and Roth tanks)

We are also here for you with repairs. If you need furnace or boiler service, call 860-791-3166 any time of day or night. We have a service technician on call 24/7.

From Ellington to Newington, Suffield to Wethersfield, folks know they can trust Homestead Comfort with keeping their homes warm. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our heating system services!

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If you need emergency service or delivery, do not email us or use the form below. Call us at 860-791-3166. We provide our customers with 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year.