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Standby Generator Installation and Service in Tolland, Windham and Hartford Counties

Homestead Comfort gives you peace of mind

Here in Connecticut, we get a lot of wicked weather. Hurricanes in the summer. Nor’easters in the winter. Thunderstorms from spring into fall.

Those are just some of the reasons you may end up losing power in your home. A car accident could knock down a power pole. There could be a failure or disruption in the electrical grid. A squirrel could come into too-close contact with wires or conductors.

Whatever the reason, you can end up without power for hours or days. A devastating storm could leave your home without power for a week or more. Power outages are inconvenient. They are also expensive and potentially dangerous. But you can protect your home and your loved ones with a Generac whole-house standby generator installed and serviced by Homestead Comfort.

We install, maintain and repair both propane generators and natural gas generators.

Our Generac-certified service technicians are also licensed by the State of Connecticut and insured, so you can be assured of the quality of our work.

What are the benefits of a standby generator?

There are some big differences between portable generators and whole-house generators.

  • A whole-house generator kicks on automatically within seconds of the power going out. You have to look around in the dark for your portable generator, then hook it up and turn it on manually.
  • While you may get a few lights and the fridge powered with a portable generator, a whole-house standby generator does exactly that: provide power to where you want it in your whole house.
  • If you have a sump pump in your home, a standby generator will keep it running in bad weather, protecting your basement and everything down there from flooding.
  • A whole-house standby generator will keep your home’s security system running.
  • Some foods in your fridge can begin to spoil after four hours without power. Your food will stay safely cold and frozen with a whole-house standby generator.
  • With a standby generator, medical equipment such as oxygen, electric wheelchairs and home dialysis will be powered.
  • You and your family can stay connected to the outside world with electricity for the TV and computers, and for charging phones.

Whether you’re in Ashford or Avon, you can weather the storm with a whole-house standby generator from Homestead Comfort. Contact us today to get started!

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