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Bioheat® Fuel: The Future of Heating Oil

Get efficient, environmentally friendly heating

Heating oil offers a lot of benefits. It gets your home warm faster than any other fuel. And it provides an even, comfortable heat. Unfortunately, heating oil has a reputation as being “dirty.” But that’s not true today. The heating oil you’re using in your home’s furnace or boiler isn’t the same smelly, smoky heating oil of a few decades ago.

Advances in technology have helped to make heating oil burn cleaner, be more efficient and be better for the Connecticut environment we love. Those advances allow Homestead Comfort to exclusively deliver Bioheat fuel.

What is Bioheat® fuel

Bioheat fuel is part of a revolution in heating oil. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is blended with up to 20% biofuels to create the Bioheat delivered by Homestead Comfort.

Those biofuels are renewable resources, including:

  • plant oils such as sunflower, rapeseed, corn and soybean
  • animal fats
  • recycled restaurant cooking oils
  • tallow
  • algae

Bioheat fuel is better for the environment, your home and your wallet.

Between the biodiesel and the ultra-low sulfur heating oil, Bioheat® dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil combustion. That makes Bioheat fuel better for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint and helps lower your impact on climate change.

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Bioheat fuel also helps your furnace or boiler be more efficient, which helps to lower your energy costs. That clean-burning you get with Bioheat fuel means that fewer deposits are left on your heating system’s parts, so there is less wear and tear on your furnace or boiler.

Not only does Bioheat fuel reduce your heating system’s risk of breakdowns, but it also helps extend its life expectancy. You’ll save money on equipment repairs, and you’ll get more from your investment in your current furnace or boiler.

Become a Homestead Comfort customer and enjoy clean-burning, efficient Bioheat fuel in your home!

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