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Dependable Heating Oil Delivery for Windham, Tolland and Hartford Counties

Our delivery service gives you comfort you can count on

If you heat your home with heating oil, you know it can’t be beat for keeping your home warm and comfortable no matter what winter dishes out to us here in eastern Connecticut.

Heating oil is affordable and gets your home warm faster than any other fuel source.

Today’s heating oil is not the same as the heating oil your parents and grandparents used. Thanks to technological advances, heating oil has become more clean-burning, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our Bioheat® fuel is part of the effort by the industry to make heating oil carbon-neutral by the year 2050.

Thanks to today’s technology, we provide heating oil delivery service that is customized to your home and your needs.

Automatic Delivery: Easy and hassle free

Our lives are pretty busy, and our to-do lists can get pretty long. If checking your heating oil tank gauge levels and contacting us to request a delivery falls through the cracks, you can be in for a costly problem.

If you run low on, or run out of, heating oil, you need to contact us right away to request an emergency delivery. A heating oil runout means your home could get dangerously cold. You don’t have to worry about that with Automatic Delivery!

  • We use a state-of-the-art computer system that tracks your prior heating oil usage and current weather to know when you’ll need a delivery.
  • No more having to go outside, or down into the basement, to check how much heating oil you have.
  • No more worrying about whether you have enough heating oil for an upcoming cold snap.

Homestead Comfort has you covered. If you enroll in Automatic Delivery, we’ll give you 25 cents per gallon off your first 500 gallons. After your first 500 gallons, you will get 10 cents off per gallon when you pay within 10 days of delivery.

Still prefer Will-Call? You get to control your heating oil delivery schedule. But you are responsible for tracking your heating oil usage and contacting us to schedule a delivery. However, you can get 10 cents off per gallon if you pay within 10 days of delivery.

Because Homestead Comfort is a full-service company, you can count on us for quality installation, maintenance, and repairs of your home’s oil-fired heating system.

From Ellington to Wethersfield, Homestead Comfort is your go-to for heating oil delivery you know will be there for you. Become a customer today!

To begin or terminate automatic delivery please call 860-870-8700 or fill out our contact form

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If you need emergency service or delivery, do not email us or use the form below. Call us at 860-791-3166. We provide our customers with 24/7 emergency service 365 days a year.