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Home Insulation Service in Stafford Springs, Ellington and Tolland, CT and Beyond

Homestead Comfort makes your home more energy-efficient and comfortable

How are your heating and cooling bills?

If they’re higher than you think they should be, the problem may be above you and behind your walls.

Your home may not have enough insulation. It is a common problem, especially in older homes. People often think it’s too hard or too expensive to upgrade their insulation. But with Homestead Comfort, it’s neither.

We are locally owned and locally based. We understand the needs of homes like yours because we live in them. We also understand the need for better control of your home’s energy costs. With our insulation installation, you’ll reap savings from the beginning.

Home insulation installation from Homestead Comfort

Homestead Comfort is a full-service insulation company. First, we’ll check your home to see how much insulation you need and where you need it. Once we assess your needs, we help you determine the right insulation type for your home.

Fiberglass. This is the most common kind of insulation. It comes in two forms. The one you usually see is fiberglass batts, which is a blanket-style roll of fiberglass insulation with a backing that acts as a vapor barrier. The other kind is blown-in fiberglass installation, where a machine blows loose fiberglass through a hose into the desired location.

Cellulose. This insulation is also blown into a space. In addition to effective insulation, it also is fire retardant, helps prevent the growth of mold and repels insects and rodents.

Foam. This insulation is a two-part liquid compound that when mixed and applied it will expand, dry and become inert. The advantages it offers include creating an airtight seal that deters mold and provides a moisture barrier. It also does not provide any sources of food for insects or rodents, so they’re not likely to be behind your walls.

The benefits of insulation

  • Insulation is best known for lowering your heating costs. There’s even more it does for you and your home.
  • A properly insulated home also helps lower your cooling costs, because it keeps your cooled air in your home and not lost to drafts.
  • Insulation reduces noise from room to room.

Your HVAC equipment is protected. Adequate insulation keeps heated or cooled air in your home, meaning your furnace or central air conditioning does not have to run as frequently to keep your home comfortable. That reduces wear on your equipment, which reduces your risk of breakdowns while potentially lengthening its life.

Your home becomes more comfortable. Rooms are more evenly heated. Cold spots near the walls are gone.

Because you’re using less energy to heat and cool your home, you’re also reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Take the first step toward improving the comfort in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our home insulation services!

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