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How Long Does a Heating Oil Tank Last?

Extend Its Life with Tank Protection

lifespan of oil tanks connecticutHow long should a heating oil tank last? We hear that question quite a lot but unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer.

That’s because the life of your tank depends on a lot of factors, including:

If you want to see some average life spans based on construction and materials used, please go here.

The good news is that modern heating oil storage tanks have come a long way from designs of the past, offering virtually leak-proof performance for decades.

In the past, oil tanks were constructed almost exclusively from steel, which were prone to internal corrosion in the presence of condensation (water). Steel tanks are still available today, but they are built to a much higher standard than in the past.

Protecting Your Tank

Replacing your home’s heating oil tank, especially if it has failed, can be a hassle and pretty expensive.

You may not know that most typical homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover these costs or any other cleanup costs. They also won’t cover damage to things like plants, shrubs, or items in your basement damaged by leaked heating oil. But there is a solution.

For just pennies a day, you can feel secure with heating oil tank protection from TankSure®.

How Does TankSure Work?

It starts with Homestead Comfort carefully monitoring your heating oil tank. Our experienced, knowledgeable service professionals will use ultrasonic equipment to test your tank. The ultrasonic equipment uses the same fundamentals as a medical ultrasound to measure the thickness of your tank. We use these measurements and data to determine when your tank should be replaced.

Your tank’s thickness measurements, physical characteristics, and surrounding environment will be analyzed with our tank profiling software to determine if it needs to be replaced. If your tank needs replacement in the future, a portion of the cost will be covered by a $1,000 TankSure warranty.

Enrolling in TankSure may even get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy!

Read more about getting peace of mind by protecting your tank with TankSure.

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