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How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

The shelf life of heating oil — and how quickly you’ll use it this winter.

heating oil hartford, ct With winter upon us in Tolland, Hartford and Windham Counties, the households that we serve are using more heating fuel. At Homestead Comfort, we help our customers plan for how long their heating oil will last — both in the winter and throughout the year.

What’s the shelf life of home heating oil?

Generally, you can expect heating oil to be good for between 18 and 24 months, and the premium fuel that Homestead Comfort delivers tends to last a long time. We exclusively offer Bioheat® fuel, a high-quality blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and organic biofuel. This product is great for the planet, and it leaves fewer deposits in your heating system, cutting down on wear and tear.

How quickly does your home use heating oil?

Several factors contribute to how quickly your home systems use heating oil, including:

In general terms, a 2,500-square-foot house might use between four and six gallons of heating oil per day when it is 30°F outside. If you have a 275-gallon heating oil tank, you might use your full fuel supply in a month and a half in the winter. (We typically recommend customers contact us for a heating oil delivery when their tank is about ¼ full.)

Of course, you can have the team at Homestead Comfort handle the fuel tracking for you, and we’ll do it for free! With our free Automatic Delivery service, you don’t need to check a tank gauge or call us for a delivery. We’ll calculate your fuel use based on your customer profile and the weather, then schedule your next delivery in advance. We’ll even give you a discount on your heating oil just for enrolling!

How can you reduce your heating oil consumption?

There are some steps you can take right now to lower your winter energy costs.

  1. Arrange maintenance for your furnace or boiler. An annual tune-up will help your system run more efficiently, which can lower your heating oil usage.
  2. Be smart with your thermostat. The Department of Energy advises that turning your thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees from its standard setting for 8 hours daily can lower annual heating and cooling costs by 10 percent. You can do this most easily by programming adjustments for when you’re asleep or away from home.
  3. Upgrade to new high-efficiency equipment. If your heating equipment is over 15 years old, its fuel efficiency could have deteriorated to 60% or less. You’re wasting 40 cents of every dollar you spend on heating oil. When you upgrade to a new system in the 90 percent efficiency range, you’ll significantly lower how much fuel you use in the winter for many years to come!

Are you interested in taking the stress out of receiving heating oil (plus getting a discount) with Automatic Delivery? Contact us to enroll.