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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Why your home’s plumbing freezes and how to fix it

frozen pipes connecticut Already this year, we’ve seen record-breaking cold temperatures in New England. In Tolland, Hartford and Windham Counties, sub-freezing nights are an unpleasant fact of life. But the northern Connecticut households we serve need to stay vigilant when the mercury has bottomed out, or they could face a pricy and disruptive plumbing emergency.

One of the most common plumbing repairs that Homestead Comfort handles at this time of the year is frozen pipes. Frozen and burst pipes can severely impact your home. They cause property damage, ruin wiring and lead to mold. Older and poorly insulated houses are particularly vulnerable to ice in plumbing. But if you pay attention and take a few simple precautions, you can stop frozen pipes before they start.

How to get ready for an icy night

When a nasty cold snap or winter storm is approaching, it’s a good idea to take these steps to prepare:

What to do if your home will be empty for an extended period in winter

Before leaving your home for an extended period, follow the abovementioned steps. Additionally, you should never turn your heat completely off. Instead, lower it to a minimum of 55°F. Finally, check with a trusted neighbor and ask them to look in on your home if there are sustained freezing temperatures while you’re gone.

How to respond if your pipes freeze

Firstly, if a pipe bursts, turn off your water using the main shutoff and call a plumber immediately.

If your pipe is frozen but has not burst, you might be able to clear the ice on your own. Here are two ways to do so:

  1. If there is only partial freezing, you can open the faucet near the frozen pipe. This allows warmer water to pass through the blockage and relieve pressure to prevent bursting.
  2. It’s also possible to clear ice with a hair dryer. You should start by warming the section of the pipe closest to a faucet, then working toward the coldest area. Do not do this if there is any standing water on the floor, and don’t use an open flame on the pipe.

If you cannot thaw the frozen pipe yourself, you should call a plumber.

Homestead Comfort delivers top-tier plumbing service.

We are proud to offer a range of plumbing services to homes in northern Connecticut. Our plumbers are all state certified, and they’ll treat your home with respect and courtesy. If you have a frozen or burst pipe, you can count on the Homestead Comfort team to resolve it quickly and safely.

Contact us today if you need a repair or any other plumbing service.