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How Often Should You Service Your HVAC Systems?

Annual maintenance for heating and cooling equipment pays dividends

heating tune up connecticut Generally, we take care of the things that matter most in our lives. That’s why you get an annual physical and regular dental cleaning. You make sure your car gets oil changes, tire rotations, and benchmark service at regular mileage intervals.

When it comes to your home, heating and cooling equipment are among the most expensive things in your home. They’re also an investment in your family’s comfort and safety. It stands to reason that you’d get regular HVAC service. But how often does your HVAC equipment need a tune-up?

How regularly should heating and cooling systems receive service?

We recommend you have your heating and cooling systems serviced once a year. If you live in a region with mild winters, you may be able to delay a tune-up for your furnace or boiler to once every other year. But for our customers in Connecticut’s Tolland, Hartford and Windham Counties, annual maintenance is the right choice.

When should you schedule your HVAC service?

HVAC maintenance requires you to shut down your equipment, so it’s best to schedule it when you’re not using your system to stay comfortable. For example, the winter is an excellent time to have an air conditioning tune-up. Summer is the right time for a boiler or furnace tune-up.

You don’t need to worry about HVAC maintenance “wearing off” in the weeks before you turn your equipment back on. You can tune up your A/C during the winter, and it will be ready to go when the summer arrives. But if you’ve put off heating maintenance for too long, we don’t recommend that you wait until the summer for a tune-up. Take care of it now. A minor inconvenience while our technician services your system is infinitely better than a complete breakdown.

What are the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance?

When you treat your heating or cooling system to an annual check-up, our HVAC technicians will take time to inspect, clean, adjust and optimize your equipment’s performance so that you have peace of mind that it’s working efficiently.

Here are some advantages of regular HVAC service:

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