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Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System

Tips to get your A/C equipment ready before summer arrives.

central air Tolland County, CT We know you’re probably enjoying warmer afternoons that don’t require you to run a boiler or furnace to stay comfortable. Tolland County is lovely in the spring, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that summer is not too far away.

That means you’ll soon be depending on your central air conditioning to stay cool when outdoor temperatures sizzle. Let the pros at Homestead Comfort offer these helpful tips for maintaining your central A/C equipment.

Inspect Your Air Filters

If you have a forced-air heating system (one using a furnace), it likely uses the same air filters that your cooling equipment does. Dirty or clogged HVAC filters can seriously impair your central cooling system’s performance. They block airflow, requiring your system to cycle more often and use more electricity.

Happily, addressing this issue is simple, and you can handle it on your own. Once a month, check your filter. If it’s reusable, you can clean off any dirt, dust and debris and return it to its slot. If your filter is disposable and dirty, you can replace it easily. Most home stores carry affordable replacement filters.

Test Your A/C Equipment

Before summer arrives, give your central A/C a quick test drive. If it doesn’t come on, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Confirm your thermostat is set to “air conditioning,” “cool” or “fan” mode.
  2. Confirm you’ve set the thermostat at least 5 degrees lower than the current room temperature.
  3. Ensure your equipment power switches are set to “on.”
  4. Make sure no fuses have blown or breakers have tripped.
  5. Make sure your vents are open and unobstructed by rugs, furniture or other items.
  6. Check that your air filters aren’t clogged.

If none of these tips work, you may need an A/C repair visit. The Homestead Comfort team is available to address your cooling problems.

Check Your Outdoor A/C Unit

Take a moment to confirm that your central air conditioning’s outdoor unit hasn’t become blocked by plant life, yard waste or other debris. This equipment should have 18 to 30 inches of clear space around each side to allow it to “breathe.”

If you’re mowing your lawn, it’s a good idea to shut off your outdoor A/C unit and position your mower to minimize grass clippings getting blown into it. Additionally, you should not stack hoses, yard tools or anything else on top of this unit.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance with Homestead Comfort

When was the last time your central A/C system received a professional tune-up? We strongly recommend that you service your cooling equipment annually. Doing so will keep it running efficiently and minimize the chance of a breakdown. It can also extend your system’s life expectancy.

All Homestead Comfort service technicians are licensed by the State of Connecticut. Spring is a great time for us to service your equipment since we won’t be busy with emergency no-cooling calls.

Take a moment to safeguard your summer comfort today. Reach out to Homestead Comfort to request A/C service.