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Meet Our Team

Jeff Gerber »


Jeff has been with Homestead since its inception in 1989, and is one of the company's founders. He is responsible for the overall management of the company, its growth, and developing new business. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, grandchildren, traveling and working outdoors. He takes great effort in making sure our customers have the ultimate experience when using Homestead.

Dale Gerber »

Installation Manager/Partner

Dale has been with Homestead since 1990. He manages plumbing, heating, air conditioning replacements and new installations. He enjoys diy projects, hunting, and woodworking.

Tom Gerber »

General Manager

Tom joined Homestead in 2020 after working for 6+ years as a structural engineer in bridge design. He is excited about the opportunity to work with the team and be a part of the 3rd generation family owned business providing the same quality service we were built on. Tom enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two daughters in addition to reading and working on projects around the house.

Andrew Luginbuhl »

Sales Manager/Comfort Advisor

Andrew has been with Homestead since 1996. He enjoys working with homeowners to select the right heating and cooling solution to suit their needs. His interest include cooking, being outdoors, fishing, camping, and training dogs. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Nick Ricciardelli »

Service Manager

Nick has been with Homestead since 2016. He oversees the water, plumbing and HVAC service departments. He takes part in many charity events, is an avid skydiver and runner.

Melinda Onofrio »

Office Manager

Melinda joined the Homestead team in 2019. She manages all aspects of running the office and may also be one of the friendly voices you speak with when you call Homestead. Melinda and her husband James recently became first time parents to a little girl. She enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as hiking with her dogs.

Ricardo Baez »


Ricardo has been with Homestead since 2012. He is responsible for dispatching all technicians, receiving and placing orders for equipment and parts, as well as vehicle and equipment maintenance. He also manages oil deliveries and other jobs that need detailed attention. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Justine Oren »

Customer Service Representative

Justine has been with Homestead since 2017. Her primary function at Homestead is to provide professional customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. Her knowledge of Homestead products and services can answer most customer questions during their first call. She enjoys spending time at her family home on the Cape, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family.

Jesse Conway »

Comfort Advisor

Jesse has been with Homestead since 2018. He provides options for people in search of heating and cooling. He enjoys hockey, golf, hiking, reading, and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Rebekah Gerber »

Customer Service Representative

Rebekah has been with Homestead since 2016. She helps out answering the phone and scheduling appointments while in nursing school at UConn. She spends her free time traveling and volunteering on the Ellington ambulance.

Lizzy Phelps »

Marketing Coordinator

Lizzy joined Homestead in 2020. She is responsible for marketing efforts on behalf of Homestead. This includes digital as well as traditional marketing. She enjoys spending time with family, hiking and traveling.

Soni Cruz »

Field Supervisor - Energy Services

Soni has been with Homestead since 2016. She is the Field Supervisor for the Home Energy Solutions division. She is responsible for managing and assigning HES technicians to residential and multi-family projects.

Emanuel "Manny" Jackson »

Warehouse Coordinator

"Manny" has been with Homestead since 2016. He is responsible for monitoring inventory, reordering stock, verifying shipping manifests, and returning unneeded or overstock items. He also makes sure that Home Energy Solutions vehicles are loaded as needed for individual jobs. He enjoys fishing, long drives in the country, spending time with his family and watching his favorite TV shows. He looks forward to taking another cruise and a trip to Disney World some day.

Chad Gerber »

Lead Installer

Chad has been with Homestead since 2006. He is a Lead Installer as well as facility organizer when needed. As much as he enjoys working at Homestead, he also enjoys skiing and vacationing.

James Vowles »

Lead Installer

James has been working for Homestead since 2017. He installs and replaces boilers, air conditioners, mini-splits and oil tanks. James enjoys spending time with his family and riding motorcycles.

Jacob Gerber »

HVAC Apprentice

Jacob joined Homestead in 2019. He is an HVAC Apprentice and also helps during installations. He is currently studying at Cheney Tech.

Bill Catalina »

B2 Journeyman

Bill joined Homestead in 2019. He performs tune-ups as well as service. He enjoys gardening, crocheting and cooking. He also ride dirt bikes and trains dogs.

Chris DiNardo »

HVAC/Sheet Metal

Chris has been with Homestead since 2013. He measures, fabricates, and installs duct work for Homestead heating and cooling installations. He enjoys hunting, hiking and fishing at his cottage in Maine, and particularly enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Matt Minor »

Field Supervisor

Matt has been with Homestead since 2016. He enjoys working for Homestead because he gets to do what he loves every day while with a team that is dedicated to the same mission. Outside of Homestead his hobbies include spending time with family and friends and watching football.

Brian Drouin »

Service technician

Brian has been with Homestead since 2016. He provides heating, air conditioning, chimney repairs, plumbing, and services for all customer needs. He enjoys fishing, snowboarding, and spending time with his family. He appreciates Homestead for giving him the opportunity to grow in the HVAC field.

Wilfredo Gonzalez »

Senior Service Technician

Willie's responsibilities include performing yearly AC and Heating Maintenance. These include oil, natural gas, and propane equipment. He likes spending time with his wife and two daughters as much as possible. He also enjoys target shooting and football.

Ryan Herget »


Ryan has been with Homestead since 2018. His primary responsibilities are oil and diesel deliveries, however his is cross-training and assists in our water department. He loves spending his extra time with his family playing board games, fishing and enjoys sports with his children. He is also very devoted to his church where he is the the current head trustee, a Sunday school teacher, as well as driver and staff worker.

Michael Hopman »

Installation Field Supervisor

Mike has been with Homestead since 2007. His priority is to satisfy customers whether he is leading an installation team or helping Homestead's other service departments as needed. He enjoys golfing and fishing.

Jamie Hobold »


Jamie joined Homestead in 2018. He gets involved with all plumbing related installations. He is a newlywed, enjoys hanging out with his family, playing football, and fishing.

Tyler Procaccini »

Plumbing Apprentice

Tyler has been with Homestead since 2017. He works in the Plumbing and HVAC division and helps daily with the completion of tasks, while taking in hands-on knowledge necessary to complete his P-2 License. He enjoys working, spending time with his wife, hanging out with friends and any type of auto racing.

Spencer Ramsdel »

Lead Technician Home Energy Services

Spencer joined Homestead's Energy Solutions team in 2019. Not only does he perform Energy Audits, but he has previous experience running an Aeroseal crew and installing insulation. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his daughter, family, and pets.

Ismael Medero »

HES Technician

Ismael joined Homestead in 2017. He is responsible for performing Home Energy Audits in both single and multi-family homes. He enjoys spending time with his young daughters and is also a DJ. He is always looking to learn new things and bettering himself.

Mark "Zimmy" Zimmerman »

Oil Delivery Driver

"Zimmy" has been with Homestead sine 2011. He delivers heating oil and diesel to our customers. He is responsible for helping seasonal drivers with delivery instructions as well as taking care of Homestead's fuel trucks with any repairs needed. Besides working in the oil industry for the past 40 years, he enjoys working on and driving his 1940 Chevrolet Street Rod.