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Schedule an Oil Delivery Now for 2 Key Reasons

heating oil delivery connecticutWith all the oppressive heat we’ve been experiencing lately here in Connecticut, ordering heating oil is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But maybe it shouldn’t be.

Actually, right now is the perfect time to be thinking about your heating oil because most people are not.

As you might know, the price of heating oil is based significantly on supply and demand – greater demand leads to constrained supply and spiking prices (that’s why you typically pay more to fill your tank in the winter or during a particularly cold stretch in fall or spring). When you buy heating oil in the offseason, on the other hand, you usually pay less – sometimes much less – than during peak season.

That’s the thinking behind our PreBuy payment option: you simply buy your gallons for the fall and winter before prices rise. PreBuy locks in your price for the season, which means you’ll pay the same price for every gallon of heating oil you buy from us no matter what happens in the market.

But that’s not the only reason to buy heating oil now rather than waiting to the fall.

Prevent Tank Corrosion With a Heating Oil Fill-up

If your oil tank is empty or nearly empty right now, you could be inviting problems for your heating system that will haunt you later in the year.

That’s because an empty tank is more susceptible to condensation forming on its interior walls (like beads of water on a cold glass of water on a hot day). That condensation is bad news in two ways: first, because it encourages bacteria growth in your fuel, which will turn it into a sludge that can block your fuel line – and second because that water can rot your tank from the inside out.

The good news is that a simple heating oil delivery could help you avoid this problem – while possibly also saving you some money along the way.

If your tank is less than half full, top it off today with a heating oil delivery in Tolland, Hartford and Windham counties, CT from the experts at Homestead. Contact us to order your heating oil today!