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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Homestead performs professional drain cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced and certified technicians can properly diagnose the source of the clog or foul odor, and safely fix the problem.

Bathroom drain cleaning

Perhaps the most common household drain to become clogged is in the bathroom. Showers and bathtubs routinely become clogged with hair, soap, toothpaste and other grime. Also, toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and other elements. Homestead has all of the equipment necessary to properly clean your bathrooms drains and remove any blockages.

Homestead technician using a drain snakeKitchen drain cleaning

Kitchen drains are quite susceptible to clogging. Over time, food, grease, soap, fats and detergents build up in the pipes and cause blockages and clogs. Our service technicians specialize in kitchen plumbing, and use a precision sink machine to cut through the clog and remove any debris.

Basement drain cleaning

Some residences also have drains located in their basement, laundry area, garages, sidewalks, patios, breezeways, and driveways. Typically these drains are located in the floor, or in the ground, and are usually equipped with a grate or a trap. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can easily clog these drains.

When to call Homestead

There are several warning signs that it’s time to call the professionals to help with a clogged drain. For example:

  • Sink takes too long to drain completely
  • You detect a foul odor around the sink, toilet, or tub
  • Toilet makes a gurgling sound when flushed
  • You’ve tried to clear a blockage yourself and the problem persists

Remember, household drains and plumbing lines can carry bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms or materials that can cause severe illness or even death. If you notice these warning signs occurring in your home, contact Homestead today. We’re here to help.

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