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Do You Need to Replace Galvanized Pipes?

New plumbing can improve water pressure, water safety and peace of mind.

old plumbing Windham County, ct The older homes of Windham, Tolland and Hartford counties have many charming and delightful qualities. But if you own and live in one, you know that they present their share of challenges, too.

One significant challenge that people face with old houses is plumbing. Families in northern Connecticut homes built in the early 20th century (or before) often contend with corroded, narrowing and downright unsafe pipes.

The licensed, experienced plumbers at Homestead Comfort speak to many homeowners with galvanized pipes. We frequently talk to them about when galvanized plumbing can be maintained and repaired — and when it needs to be replaced altogether.

What are galvanized pipes?

Galvanized pipes were commonly used in American homes before the 1960s, though they were still used on occasion into the late 20th century. Made of steel, they are coated with zinc, inside and out, to prevent rusting. This coating wears away over time, and rust eventually fills up the plumbing.

Even more concerning, the zinc in galvanized pipes manufactured before 1960 contains lead.

The life expectancy of galvanized pipes is extremely wide-ranging, somewhere between 40 years and a century! If you live in a home with galvanized pipes, they could be approaching the end of their natural life.

Why are galvanized pipes a risk for your home?

Homeowners have three primary concerns about galvanized pipes: water pressure, water quality and ruptures.

As rust builds up inside an old, galvanized pipe, so do sediment and mineral deposits. This narrows the pipe and lowers the water flow in your home.

The presence of zinc and other harmful particles in these pipes also presents a serious health concern for your family.

Finally, the age and deterioration of galvanized plumbing can lead to a broken pipe and severe water damage.

Should you replace your galvanized plumbing?

Depending on when your galvanized pipes were made and installed, you might want to consider replacing them altogether. Lead infiltration in water is a serious safety concern. You’ll be facing a plumbing replacement scenario at some point down the line. Better to take care of it now.

You may be able to wait to replace galvanized pipes that do not contain lead. However, eventually, all this plumbing will wear out, and you will need to put new piping in its place. It might be best to think about when and how you want to replace this plumbing.

Concerned about galvanized pipes? Talk to Homestead Comfort.

When you call one of our licensed plumbers, they can quickly assess the state of your house’s pipes and present you with options to repair or replace them. We handle a range of plumbing services and will always identify the least disruptive and most affordable option that keeps your home secure and livable.

And if you’re concerned about your home’s water quality, don’t worry. We handle water treatment as well!

Reach out to Homestead Comfort for all your plumbing needs.