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What Happens if You Run Out of Heating Oil?

Don’t lose your heat on a frigid winter night.

heating oil delivery  Tolland County, CT When the mercury bottoms out in thermometers this time of year, northern Connecticut households depend on well-functioning heating oil boilers and furnaces to stay warm and safe. You don’t want to have that sense of dread that comes from seeing the temperature drop in your home because of a heating system that won’t come on.

At Homestead Comfort, we help homeowners in Toland County and beyond stay warm through the iciest winter nights. There are several reasons that a furnace or boiler might not work. One surprisingly common reason is that your heating oil tank is empty. This issue is relatively easy to fix — and to avoid.

Does a heating oil run-out hurt your heating equipment?

The good news is that running out of heating oil will not damage your heating equipment. Your burner will no longer work, but there should not be any lasting issues with your system.

How can you get your heating on after a run-out?

The first thing you’ll need to do after a heating oil run-out is get more fuel. The fastest way to do this is to call Homestead Comfort and arrange an emergency heating oil delivery. We can typically get there quickly, fill your heating oil tank and get your heating equipment up and running quickly.

If you need to get your heating equipment running immediately, you can add diesel to your heating oil tank as a stop-gap. Diesel is essentially the same product as heating oil, though it does cost more. You will need to prime your heating system burner, which involves loosening a bolt on the prime port and draining heating oil into a container until all the air has bled out. You should consult your equipment manual for specific guidance.

How do you keep track of your oil tank levels?

You can check how much fuel is in your heating oil tank by checking the gauge. This is a glass or plastic vial on top of your tank with markings like your car’s fuel gauge: F, ¾, ½ and ¼. You’ll see a disk in the vial. Its position inside the vial tells you how full the tank is. When the disk is at or near the bottom of the vial (or you can’t see it at all), your tank is nearly or entirely empty.

Homestead Comfort prevents run-outs at no additional charge.

We understand that life can get hectic, and it’s easy to forget to check your heating oil tank levels.

That’s why Homestead Comfort has developed a tried-and-tested method to ensure our customers never run out of heating oil. And you can use this service free of charge! When you sign up for automatic heating oil delivery, we handle all the fuel planning for you. Our computerized system will use your customer profile and the weather in our area to calculate how quickly you’re using heating oil. Then, we’ll send a delivery driver to your house well before you run low. Automatic Delivery is the zero-stress way to receive heating oil.

Don’t risk a fuel run-out with winter. Contact Homestead Comfort to enroll in FREE Automatic Delivery.