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1 Big Reason To Schedule An Oil Delivery Today

oil delivery connecticutNow that summer has finally arrived here in Connecticut, your heating equipment is probably the last thing on your mind. But if your oil tank is less than half full right now, scheduling a Bioheat® Fuel delivery might just be the smartest thing you can do for your heating system.

Here’s why: if a steel heating oil tank is empty, it’s more prone to accumulating condensation (water) on its inside walls as temperatures change (imagine water forming on a cold glass on a hot day and you’ll get the picture).

That condensation creates two problems for your oil storage tank. First, it encourages bacteria to grow inside your fuel; over time, that bacteria will turn oil into a thick sludge that will jam your fuel lines and potentially cause other heating equipment problems. Second, since water is heavier than oil, it will settle at the bottom of your tank, where it will cause corrosion or possibly even a tank failure. And the worst part? You might not see the problem coming until it’s too late!

The bottom line: An excess of water forming on the inside of your oil tank is bad news, and one of the easiest ways to reduce it is to keep your oil storage tank at least half full during the offseason. Filling your tank with oil now could be a good way to save some money, too, since heating oil prices in CT are usually lower during periods when demand is also low.

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