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6 Tips for Optimal Air Conditioning

a/c service connecticutWith summer closely approaching you don’t want to let the hot humid weather catch you unprepared. You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool throughout these months. Below are some tips for optimal air conditioning.

1. Regular Maintenance:

Even when there’s nothing wrong, regular maintenance will keep your system functioning efficiently on those hot summer days. Catch those little problems before they become big ones.

2. Change Air Filters:

Clogged air filters make your system work harder than it has to. This not only costs more money to operate your system, but diminishes the life of your system.
3. Give A/C Rest:

On those days when it’s 75 or below, consider giving your system a break by opening the windows. This helps to reduce energy consumption while enjoying the fresh air.

4. Insulate your Home:

Insulation isn’t just for winter months. It also helps to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside

5. Set your Thermostat:

Avoid lowering and raising your thermostat throughout the day. Try setting it to 68 degrees and only adjusting it slightly when needed. This helps the system run more efficiently.

6. Call a Professional:

If you don’t completely understand the whole system. You may do more harm to your system than good. This can result in spending more money in the long run. Let a Homestead licensed technician perform your annual cooling maintenance.

We want you to feel your best in the hot, sticky weather. Give Homestead a call for all your air conditioning or insulation needs.