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4 Benefits of Installing a UV Light in Your Duct Work

UV in HVAC connecticutDid you know the HVAC system in your home can distribute allergens, debris and even strange odors? Installing ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system can eliminate these and improve your systems overall efficiency.

Below are four benefits to installing a UV light in your system.

1. Kills Germs/Bacteria

The UV light essentially cleans the unit, reducing and/or eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria that could otherwise work their way into your home. Chances are, you don’t even realize how your HVAC unit could be contributing to your allergies.

2. Eliminates Unpleasant Odors

Occasionally, your HVAC system can distribute odors throughout your home. These odors are from a buildup within the system. The UV rays act as a natural cleaning system, keeping the system well-maintained.

3. Improves HVAC Efficiency

Overtime the inside of your HVAC system can become coated with dirt, germs, and other debris that will cause the system to work harder to achieve the desired efficiency. A cleaner system can increase the capacity of the unit. The addition of the UV light will reduce energy costs caused by inefficiency.

4. Increased Airflow

Installing UV lights in your HVAC system will clear the contaminants that buildup in your ductwork. This will improve your airflow in addition to lowering your maintenance costs.

If you’re ready to learn more about how installing UV lights in your HVAC system can improve your health and comfort while extending the life of your system, call Homestead today.