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Water Treatment Systems in Manchester, Glastonbury and Hebron, CT and Beyond

Make the water in your home better

Homestead Comfort has partnered with Shaw’s Pump Company to provide top-quality water treatment systems service for your home.

We will test your water and analyze the results. With the information we gather, we’ll create a water treatment system that’s right for your home and its water.

You can also get our yearly 10-point water system tune-up, which includes:

    1. On-site testing for hardness and pH levels
    2. Testing operation of your water system
    3. Cleaning and lubricating seals, pistons and spacers
    4. Purging the water system
    5. Retesting the operation of the water system
    6. Changing the whole house/filtration filter (cost of filter extra)
    7. Adding media to system if needed (cost of media extra)
    8. Adding customer-provided salt to brine tank if needed
    9. Resetting timers if needed
    10. Ensuring proper operation of the water system

Benefits of a whole-house water treatment system

Using untreated water for cooking or drinking can create several problems. First, the drinking water may taste bad. There could also be unhealthy levels of minerals and chemicals in it. It negatively affects the flavor of coffee and tea.

It also has an impact on your cooking. For example, hard water can alter the structure of yeast and gluten. If you’re baking bread, there could be less fermentation of the yeast, leading to a tougher loaf.

A whole-house water treatment system helps get rid of those problems. We install, maintain and repair water filtration, purification and softening systems.

Better water for drinking and cooking is great. But problems with your water quality can have impact all-around your home.

Laundry. Hard water does not mix well with detergent, so you’re not going to get your laundry clean. The minerals in hard water cause detergent to stick to fabric fibers. That residue leads to light and white items going yellow and gray, and towels coming out stiff instead of soft and fluffy. With a whole-house water treatment system, your washing machine cleans your laundry better.

Bathing. Do you and your family struggle with dry or irritated skin, or perhaps breakouts? Chemicals and minerals in your water impact your skin and hair. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be exacerbated. As with detergents, hard water makes soap and shampoo less effective. A whole-house water treatment system can help get your skin and hair cleaner and less irritated.

Cleaning. If you’ve noticed your dishes, flatware and glassware coming out of the dishwasher with film or spots, the culprit may not be your dishwasher detergent but your water. Water with minerals and chemicals make it hard to clean everything from your dishes to surfaces. Installing a whole-house water treatment system means you can get your home clean using lower amounts of your detergents and cleaners.

Appliances. Hard water, or water with higher amounts of some chemicals, can damage water-using appliances such as garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers. A whole-house water treatment system helps reduce that damage.

Plumbing. Those chemicals and minerals can damage your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures. The minerals in hard water can build up in your pipes over time, reducing water flow, increasing clogs and creating stress on pipes and fixtures. When you install a whole-house water system, you reduce your risk of costly plumbing problems and enjoy better flow from your faucets and shower heads.

Ready for great water in your home? Contact us today to get started!

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