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Water Filters

By installing a proper water filtration system, Homestead can help you and your family enjoy cleaner, fresher, and better tasting water. A new home water filtration system provides a number of additional benefits, including: 

  • Greatly reducing corrosion. If you see any blue-green staining in your tub, sinks or toilet, this is generally an indication that your water contains corrosive elements.
  • Improving your water's pH levels, which helps to extend the life of fixtures and any copper piping within major appliances and water heating systems.
  • Preventing rust stains in sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and toilets. Signs of rust may also be present on concrete walkways, patios, home siding, and wherever you water your lawn and garden.
  • Eliminating sediment particles from well water.
  • Water Filter FaucetRemoving foul odors and tastes, including chlorine and the common “rotten egg” odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas.

How do I select the proper filtration media?
The choice of filtration media depends upon a variety of factors including the types of contaminants, water usage habits and water pressure levels at your home. Homestead has the experience and resources to design the best filtration plan for your specific water system. Contact us today to get started.