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Well Pump and Well Tank Installation in Tolland, Windham and Hartford Counties

Protect your home’s water supply

If your home is one of the more than 15 million homes in the United States that uses a well, you know you need to take care of your well system to keep your home supplied with water. Unlike public water systems, with a well, the responsibility for your home’s water supply is completely on you.

You can count on us to help with that.

Homestead Comfort partners with Shaw’s Pump Company, a locally owned and locally-based company that has been providing outstanding water services for customers for more than 35 years. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your well water supply is reliable.

Our 13-point well inspection includes:

    1. Locating the well (excavation available at extra cost)
    2. Inspecting the well tank
    3. Inspecting the pressure switch
    4. Inspecting the pressure gauge
    5. Inspecting all electrical connections
    6. Testing operation of the well pump
    7. Documenting the depth of the well, if accessible
    8. Documenting the static water table, if accessible
    9. Performing a one-hour flow test
    10. Inspecting the operation of any treatment systems
    11. Performing a state-certified lab water test (basic profile), with results in about five to seven business days
    12. Performing additional water testing upon request (at extra cost)
    13. Providing free written quotes for any work needed

Well pump installation and service

The well pump raises water from your well and delivers it to a well storage tank. It stays there, held under pressure, until you need it to wash dishes or take a shower. The pump refers to both the pump and the electric motor, which together make up the pumping unit.

There are many different types of pumps for water systems. We can install pumps for shallow and deep wells, and either jet pumps or submersible pumps.

Our well experts will thoroughly investigate your well system and your home’s water needs so you get the right well pump. Our technicians are all licensed by the State of Connecticut, insured and trained.

Here are some common symptoms of trouble with your well pump. If you are having any of these problems, get in touch with us right away so we can solve it:

Higher utility bills. If your energy bills have gone up and you can’t figure out why, it may be that your well pump is running constantly because of a malfunction. Other causes may be a problem with the pressure switch or low water supply.

Sputtering water. Does the water sputter or spit out when you turn on a faucet? That’s caused by air in the water system. Your well pump may be malfunctioning, or there may be a crack in the water pipe above the pump.

Muddy or cloudy water. One cause could be that your water supply is low. But it may also be a sign of your well pump failing and not filtering out silt.

Smelly water. The water coming into your well can occasionally be contaminated by decaying organic waste in the soil above it, silt, sand or bacteria. If this happens, contact us for a water testing. This may also damage your well pump.

The right well tank for your home

The well tank is what holds the water delivered by your well pump. It stays in the well tank under pressure, until your turn on a faucet, then it delivers the water into your home.

You may need a new well tank because you are building a new home where there is no public water. You may also need a new well tank because your current one is failing. Signs of that include:

  • reduced water pressure, especially above the ground floor
  • low pressure at the tank’s pressure gauge
  • unstable water pressure
  • visible water leaks
  • visible corrosion

Get in touch with us if you have any of these issues. We’ll determine if you need a new well tank, select the right kind and size for your home, and expertly install, maintain and repair it, whether you need a plain steel tank or a bladder tank.

Contact us to take care of your home’s well system!

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