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Where There’s a Well, There’s a Way

Protect your home’s water with well equipment & services

well pump repair connecticutIf you’re part of the 15 percent of Americans who receive water from a private well system, you know that it comes with its own set of challenges. Unlike the other 85 percent of the population, you’re entirely responsible for your own water. While this means you aren’t paying a local utility, you’re also on the hook for equipment upkeep, water storage and testing.

Homeowners with private wells need a partner who understands their unique challenges and concerns. In Tolland, Hartford, and Windham Counties, families turn to Homestead Comfort for well water services.

Here’s a rundown of the well services we offer.

Homestead Comfort’s 13-Point Inspection

Our water services team has the training and experience to comprehensively inspect your home’s water setup. Our 13-Point Inspection includes:

Pump and Tank Installation and Maintenance

A well pump consists of both the actual pump and the motor that controls it. There are many types of pumps serving many kinds of wells, but all of this equipment generally lasts between eight and 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Our technicians have significant experience installing, repairing and performing routine maintenance on all kinds of well pumps — deep and shallow, new and old. Our service can prevent:

We can also handle repairs and service for your onsite water tank. When these tanks become corroded or spring leaks, you risk not only expensive replacements but also a significant loss of water that your home and family rely on.

Overall, the Homestead Comfort team can fix poorly performing or faulty equipment. We can also help you secure and install new equipment if your current pump system is ready for retirement or not correctly sized to your well.

If you’re experiencing poor water pressure or quality from your private well, contact Homestead Comfort today for an inspection and service. We’re ready to help!