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Increase Your Home Comfort with Aeroseal

Common questions about our duct sealing service

duct cleaning connecticut Are you experiencing uncomfortable room temperatures, rising heating and cooling costs, or drafty areas? Aeroseal is essential to having an energy efficient and comfortable home.

What is Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a simple process that ensures tight sealing of your duct work in just a few hours. Our team connects our proven technology to your home’s duct work system to distribute the sealing formula and eliminate leaks. The formula is a non-toxic, water-based formula that effectively seals all the holes in your duct work. Sealing your duct work will prevent conditioned air form escaping into the attic or basement and prevents dusty attic air from being pulled into your living space. Overall, Aeroseal greatly increases the efficiency of duct systems and provides comfort where it was intended to go.

Aeroseal improves comfort in your home immediately, removing “dead zones” so you can get the most out of your system. Sealing your leaky ducts will result in:

Common Questions

How long will it last?

Aeroseal is guaranteed for at least 10 years in residential applications. Based on longevity testing, sealant has an expected life of at least 40 years.

Is the sealant safe?

The sealant is a non-toxic water-soluble compound and has been used in hospitals, schools, surgery centers, and government facilities all over the world.

What is the sealant material made of?

The primary component is Vinyl Acetate Polymer, a common component used to make things like: baby pacifiers, chewing gum and envelope adhesive.

How long does it take to dry?

It depends on how much duct work you have, and how many leaks you have, but generally about two hours.

Have peace of mind seeing real-time results while leaks are being sealed. Our technicians will leave a certificate of completion showing the before and after results. Get comfortable, breathe healthier air, and save money with Aeroseal from Homestead!