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Choosing A Water Treatment System

We can help you prevent hard water and other issues

water filter connecticut Water is integral to so many activities in our lives. It sustains our bodies. We cook with it. We bathe in it and use it to wash our clothes and dishes. So, it’s important to ensure that the water from our taps is as clean as possible.

We’ve all read about the worst-case scenarios in parts of the United States with lead and other toxins in their water, which can have horrible consequences. Even if your town isn’t dealing with water quality issues of that magnitude, your tap water may still contain agents you don’t want there.

At Homestead Comfort, we offer a range of water treatment services. We help families in Tolland, Hartford, and Windham Counties prevent hard water and other issues.

What is hard water?

One of the most common problems we address is hard water. The hardness of water is determined by how many minerals are in it. These minerals include calcium and magnesium. For the most part, you won’t be able to see these minerals, but they can accumulate and form deposits.

What issues can hard water cause?

Hard water is not innately bad. In fact, it’s helpful in certain circumstances. Brewers prefer hard water when making beer, for example. But hard water can negatively impact your home, including the following issues:

How does Homestead Comfort identify hard water and other issues?

The Homestead Comfort team has a tried-and-true method for assessing your home’s water quality and remedying any issues. We perform an annual 10-point water system tune-up. This service includes:

  1. On-site testing for hardness and pH levels
  2. Testing the operation of your water system
  3. Cleaning and lubricating seals, pistons and spacers
  4. Purging the water system
  5. Retesting the operation of the water system
  6. Changing the whole house/filtration filter
  7. Adding media to the system if needed
  8. Adding customer-provided salt to the brine tank if needed
  9. Resetting timers if needed
  10. Ensuring proper operation of the water system

If you have water quality issues, we sell and install a range of water filtration and water treatment products in partnership with Shaw’s Pump Company. These are whole-house systems, so you can feel confident that there’s clean, soft water coming out of every one of your taps and appliances.

Our team is available now to perform a 10-point water system tune-up. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment.