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Annual Heating Maintenance: Why Do You Need It?

heating service connecticutNow’s the perfect time to check an item off the to-do list! Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to function properly and to keep you comfortable all year long. It’s important to have a professional inspect your HVAC system and make all the necessary repairs before a problem appears. Here are some reasons why:

Save Money on Repair Costs

Preventative maintenance plays an important role in avoiding emergency HVAC repairs. Heating equipment is expensive, and dealing with a breakdown or emergency replacement can be quite costly. Getting an annual tune up on your heating system will help you save money on repairs.

Improve Overall Air Quality

Replacing your air filter before and during the heating season will help keep the system fan clean. Dirty air filters can affect airflow and make your system work harder.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Heating maintenance is important for energy efficiency. A well-maintained HVAC system allows for less energy waste overall because it needs less energy to do the same job that a poorly maintained system would. You could save 10-15% on your energy bills with yearly maintenance.

Get Every Year Out of Your Equipment

By completing necessary heating maintenances, your equipment will last longer. This allows you to put off costly system replacements while increasing the lifespan of the system.

Keep your heating system running efficiently by keeping up with your annual heating maintenance. Call Homestead today to schedule your maintenance and close out the heating season.